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Aug 2, 2022

Hey, welcome to Episode #76 Looking Back - The Best of Speaking Sidemount brought to by XDEEP with the support of the patrons of Speaking Sidemount. Huge thanks to both!!!

This episode looks back over the first 75 episodes with me handpicking some of my very favourite segments. This was such a challenging task and what I find remarkable now that it's done, is just how much great material I have left out... maybe a part 2?? Let me know if you'd like to hear that.

Listen in as I talk with Michur about what it takes to achieve his extraordinary skill level. Steve Bogaerts shares on the modern history of sidemount and how to build comfort in the water. Edd Sorenson talks about cave diving rescues and recoveries before we relive the fantastic story of the Thai Cave rescue with Richard "Harry" Harris and Chris Jewell. Jill Heinerth speaks on dealing with fear in cave diving and her beginnings in Sidemount. I reconnected with Audrey Cudel to talk about the key aspects of refining your sidemount setup, Nat Gibb shares about her passion for caves and what it takes to dive the caves of Mexico.

Huge thanks to Gold Patron Justin Enzmann for suggesting this episode. It was awesome to catch up with Justin on the show and chat about his diving and we've even arranged to meet later this year when we are both in Mexico.