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Mar 17, 2022

This episode is brought to you with the support of our brilliant Sponsor XDEEP and the patrons of Speaking Sidemount. Huge thanks to both for their support.

I'm really happy to be able to bring you another episode featuring Stratis Kas. In addition to being a stellar cave diver and instructor who in his own words, is as passionate about sidemount diving as I am… he also seems to be constantly involved in super interesting projects from his book "Close Calls" to his recently released video feature "Infinite Liquid" to co-organising the FLOW Sardinia Sidemount Event.

 Stratis is also a passionate sidemount rebreather diver who puts a massive amount of thought and work into everything that he does.

In this episode, Stratis and I catch up on what he's been doing since he last featured in Speaking Sidemount Episode #38 released in 2019. We go deep into his "must-have" book Close Calls including sharing our own experiences regarding our specific near miss but also our motivation for sharing our stories along with our favourites from other divers featured in the book.

 We can’t help but muse on how the sidemount configuration actually helped some of the divers work their way out of trouble and what would a chat with Stratis be without us talking some on the KISS Sidewinder and the recent acquisition of KISS Rebreathers by the Blackwater Group which also operates XDEEP and Seal Drysuits.

Stratis then tells us more about Project Infinite Liquid which documents the exploration of several Greek Caves and then we close by chatting about our upcoming plans… All this and much more in this episode of Speaking Sidemount…